For product returns, the sales invoice must be submitted with all copies. If the invoice is on behalf of the company, a return invoice must be issued. VAT and other legal obligations cannot be returned if the invoice is not sent.

In case of product return and exchange, shipping cost belongs to the customer.

The return process starts after it is determined whether the product meets the return conditions.

Reflection of your refund will vary depending on how you pay. If the payment is made by credit card, when the product return is approved, the bank is instructed to cancel the transaction and the bank initiates the refund process. For money transfers and EFT payments, the amount is credited to your bank account number.

You must ship the items you want to return in the appropriate package to protect against damage to the cargo. Otherwise, our company will not be responsible for damages caused by cargo.

Our company is not responsible for damages that may occur in cargo. Ensure that you have the necessary control before you receive your order and if necessary, record a record for the cargo.